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Tag Masters Fish Lottery

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Rules and contest details:

  • All Saskatchewan fishing regulations apply

  • Each contestant must have a valid Saskatchewan fishing license or be over 65 years of age or under the age of 16 years. Anyone with a status card is also exempt.

  • Contest runs from May 5, 2024, to March 31, 2025

  • Only blue tagged fish from Rafferty Reservoir are eligible to be entered.

  • This is a catch and release contest, please release your fish after you have taken pictures, weight and length measurement for research information to be entered.

  • You must have a current contest ticket purchased before the blue tagged fish is caught to be eligible to be entered in the time frame of the current contest.

  • If you catch a blue tagged fish, you must enter this tagged fish within 14 days of you catching it.

  • More than one tagged fish can be entered by an individual person, if a person catches more than one blue tagged fish during the contest.

  • On April 12th, 2025 the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will be drawn at our annual Banquet and Trophy night.  All the winners will be contacted by phone if not present.

  • Promoters and organizations assisting in contest operations, their agencies and agents are not responsible for death, injury, damage, liability, theft, fire or any loss to any entrant.


Our contest will run from May 5, 2024, to March 31, 2025.  

620 fish have been tagged by Dr Chris Somers and his team over the last 6 years for data research.  We have been working with Dr. Somers to make sure that this is the safest and best way to do this lottery. 


How it will work?

You must purchase a raffle ticket prior to catching a tagged fish that has been released into Rafferty Reservoir. 

Rules are as follows:

   1.     You must take a picture of you holding the tagged fish (Hero Shot), with some background in the photo to verify location.

   2.     Then, take a close-up photo of the tag number of the fish. It is encouraged to take a quick measurement and weight of the fish before it is                    released, for scientific data.

   3.     Video of you releasing the tagged fish

   4.     Once you have all the necessary data and your photos completed, scan the QR code on the ticket you purchased, and it will take you to our                 website page to complete the form.  You have 14 days from the day you caught the fish to enter it. Once the form is completed, click submit.             You will now be entered for our cash prizes.  If you can’t get the QR Code to work, go to the website                                     and continue to enter your information. If you still can’t get it to work please email, and we will help you get your               fish submitted.

   5.     You will now be entered for us to review your entry and if it is accepted the name of the angler will be added to the list for the draw after the             contest closed on March 31, 2025.  

   6.     You will get one entry per tagged fish.   You can have multiple entries if you catch more than one of the100’s of tagged fish. 

   7.     Please note your location of the catch (this information will be kept confidential).


All tagged fish entries will be reviewed, and if accepted the name of the angler will be added to the list for the draw after the contest closes on March 31, 2025. The first contestants pulled from the draw barrel will win 1st $1500.00, 2nd $750.00 and 3rd $250.00


Please contact one of these WWF Members for more information or questions about a caught tagged fish.


Troy Kincaid (306) 861-7673

Colton Tochor (306) 861-4028

Jeff Chinski (306) 458-2457


Please email all your photos with your name and date fish was caught.  So we make sure we match the photos with the information sent in.

Thank you and good luck!

Lottery License SR24-0175

Register your Tagged Fish

To register a caught tagged fish.  Please click the button below and answer all the questions.

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