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Freshly Caught Fish

FinS (Fish in Schools)

We are so excited to have started up this program again in fall of 2021 in two of our Weyburn Schools, one at St. Mikes's with Mrs Cadance Porter classroon and then over at Weyburn Comp in Mr. Padderson classroom.  We are thrilled to have this program back on our community!

The Fish in Schools (FIN(S)) program provides Saskatchewan students with a first hand look at fish and aquatic habitats in their very own classroom. The program involves raising trout from eggs to fry before releasing them in a provincially stocked waterbody.  In January/February, eyed trout eggs are placed into special classroom incubators. Over the following 3 to 4 months, students care for their fish by monitoring and maintaining the conditions required for their trout to thrive. In May/June, the trout are ready to be released by the students.

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