Exciting things are happening

We are proud to announce that the WWF fisheries & the Rearing Pond

have a couple things to update everyone about. 


For the past few years there had been discussion that we should put on a course to give kids and the youth an opportunity to learn more about fishing.   Past member Glen Fleming and Morley Forsgren thought it was something that would benefit our community and would give the new anglers a jump start to help  them catch fish.  We have out together a course  that is designed to be simple, fun, no text books and to be hands on learning.  We thought it was only fitting that we name this course after the man who got it started.  It will be calledtake me fishing” in memory of Glen Fleming


Our plan is to break it down in two evenings, this way we can go through four key components about fishing the evening before then the next day plan to FISH! So if you have or know of any kids from 8-12 that would be interested on attending the “Take me fishing course” we will have more info about registration and dates on the WWF’s Facebook page in the near future.


Also we would like to update everyone on the walleye stocking in Nickle Lake. Being that COVID has made it hard for Saskatchewan fish hatchery to operate. There has been a delay in keeping lakes in Saskatchewan stocked with walleye where it is needed. But the WWF hasn’t forgot the importance of keeping Nickle Lakes walleye population health. We are currently working on making repairs on one of the last active rearing ponds in Saskatchewan right here at Nickle lake.

If you would like any more information please contact

Colton Tocher 306-861-4028