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This is where you can help us!

We are a non-profit organization and we too just like all Wildlife Federation organizations we rely on membership, donations and fundraising to operate our WWF organization.  We have a couple ways throughout the year you can help us with funding for our programs.   Through sponsorship for our annual banquet or items for us to auction off. Even volunteering your time at one of our events or projects.  Monetary Donation are a great appreciation and you can direct

your funding to a project or program we have in place. And don't forget your donation if over $20.00 is Tax Deductible, it's a win win!

Please reach out to any one of our executive members if you have question!


 Listed below are a couple ways you can donate!

monetary Donation.jfif

Remember your mailing address is required on any official tax receipt!

Please Mail your cheque to:

Weyburn Wildlife Federation

Box 612 Weyburn Sk. S4H 2k7

If you want it to go toward a certain program please send a note along with your cheque!

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