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CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease)

Weyburn Wildlife Federation is a registered Drop Off Location


CWD Testing

In order to help us obtain information about CWD prevalence in the province, hunters can drop off heads from deer, elk, moose, and caribou at the following locations (click the link below). Please note larger moose and elk heads should be dropped off at designated Ministry of Environment field offices and select Parks offices. Self-serve drop-off stations will also be available for deer heads at select locations.

Prior to Drop Off

Please ensure that you have completed your online submission form at CWDSK.CA and obtained a nine digit CWD tracking number.

Make sure antlers are removed and your head is double bagged.


Testing Results

Results will be available online. Please have a copy of your tracking number available. You will need this number to look up your results. Due to the laboratory processing time needed, it may take roughly six weeks for results to become available.

Clink the button below to get to the Government site.

Contact Shaun Ortman 306-861-3895 if you have problems online

Tissue Sample Video Below for CWD testing

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