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Our Branch

Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation / Weyburn Wildlife Federation Branch

Your Wildlife Federation membership helps support fish and wildlife habitat enhancement and outdoor education initiatives taking place in Saskatchewan, including:

  • Habitat Trust: program secures and manages critical wildlife habitats, presently holding  approximately 70,000 acres of these crucial properties  across the province.

  • FWDF Program: an additional 166,000 areas of critical wildlife land in conjunction with the Fish and Wildlife Development Fund.

  • Fisheries Enhancement: manages approximately 150 fisheries enhancement projects in Saskatchewan, including habitat restoration and stocking initiatives. (Saskatchewan Provincial Fish Hatchery out of Fort Qu’Appelle)

  • Outdoor Education: operates many education programs, including:

    • Hannin Creek Education and Applied Research Facility at Candle Lake.

    • Youth Outdoor Conservation Camp

    • Women’s Outdoor Weekend

    • National Archery in Schools Program (NASP)

    • BigFoot Snow Shoe Loans

    • Classrooms on Ice

    • Classrooms in the Marsh

    • Wildlife Poster Program

    • Fish in Schools (FinS) Program

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