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June 17, 2023 is our 2nd Annual Walleye Classic 

What a Weekend!

2022 Walleye Classic Results.jpg

Well, our 1st Walleye Classic is in the books, and we had 36 teams, we couldn’t be happier with how it all played out. We couldn’t ask for a better weekend as the weather was amazing. The sun was out and we had no wind all day. There was a few red arms and backs when they came to the weight station, 🥵but all and all it was fabulous day.


We held our rules night on Friday at Pedersen Place. We had burgers and hot dogs and then raffles and 50/50 and of course the bar was open for business. All our teams received their swag bags with goodies inside, their team number and the rules. All our youth received their very own swag bag with lots of goodies including lures and a fishing Rod. Thanks to Troy and Cortney Kincaid for adding the fishing rod and reals to our bags for the kids. We had a total 16 youth in this tournament and couldn’t be happier with that number for our first tournament.


Saturday morning, we were lined up for two heats. heat 1 was at 8am - 3pm and heat 2 was at 9 am - 4pm. “Rut” aka Colton lead our teams out one by one on the water for the day. And they were off!


We had a great set up for morning drop off with the boats and thank you to Arie & Melissa Schimmel for letting us use your boat slip for our teams to pick up their partner on the other side. And Russ Scharnatta for the help at the docks in the morning.


Then once they were all on the water. We moved over to the weight station where we had two tents and two recovery tub all ready to go. Thank you to The Damn Store of letting us use their two docks for teams to come up and weigh their fish. Thank you to Cow Town in Weyburn for the use of the two recovery tubs. And thank you Prairie Wind Reactional for the use of your trailer, tents and weight scale.


All hands were on dock…I mean deck over on this area. Thank you to John Van Winkoop, Leanna Anderson, Hallie Anderson, Ryan Englot, Kelly Kozij, Judy Olfert, Kelly Orstead and Danielle Blanchard, Arie and Melissa Schimmel, Mike And Jeanette McKinnis , Joe Stefaniuk, Corey and Aiden Heiberg, Daniel and Emery Lucyk and Darren Scott. These WWF members and Mainprize locals jumped right in to lend a hand wherever they could.


First teams started coming in just before 3 and we finished up with our last boat around 4. Cleaned up and onto Pedersen Place to have Supper that North Eden catered for us and it hit the spot after a long warm day. Then we moved onto our awards. We paid out 67% of our registrations back to the top 4 teams. Then other 33% with will be putting back into Mainprize Park to revamp the Mainprize Filleting Shack.


But back to the winners!!!

1st place went to Nate Smart and Dylan Schreyer. Not only did they get top total weight, but they won biggest fish as well. Their total weight was 16 lb 11 oz and biggest fish was 5 lb 6.1 oz. They received a total cheque for $2309, well done guys!


2nd place winners went to Tim Bowers and Ron Fraye, their total weight was 11 lb 10.8 oz.

And received a cheque for $1085.40.


3rd place went to Jeremy L’Heureux, Sheldon St. Denis and Carson Vallier , with a total weight of 11 lb 9.5 oz. And received a cheque for $542.70.


Then 4th place was Paul Skoczylas and Rene Sehn, with a total weight was 11lb 9.5 oz. And received a cheque for $180.90.


Were drew names for our Top Angler Prize Package for a rod and real and tackle box valued at $200. And Sutter Busch was our lucky winner this year.


Thank you to all our Sponsors. As we couldn’t hold an event like this without you 👏🏼. We truly appreciate you stepping up to support us.


And to the Walleye Classic Committee. You showed great teamwork and organization. You did a lot of the work last 4 months behind the senses and it all showed and paid off this past weekend. Thank you to Troy Kincaid, Colton Tochor, Jeff Chinski, Terra and Shaun Ortman and Larry Olfert.


Thank you again for everyone that entered, donated, and supported our weekend. See you next year for sure now that you made it a success for us!


Happy Fishing Everyone!

2022 Winners

2022 Sponsors

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